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Eagle Metal

The initial challenge for Eagle was communicating their two very different offerings – software as a service and manufacturing. For eight years, we’ve supported them in all branding, web, and marketing efforts.


Dallas, Texas


B2B SaaS & Manufacturing

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Connector plates and a Software Suite for component manufacturers

As a manufacturer of connector plates for wood truss construction, Eagle Metal took a calculated risk and began developing a software suite that super-charged the design, production, and business management side of truss manufacturers. It paid off big-time and Eagle Metal is seeing huge growth.


Positioning & Strategy

Logo & Identity Design

Brand Videos

Marketing Collateral

Brand Language

Software Branding

Product Highlight Videos

Print Collateral

Email Marketing

Paid Search


Social Media Management

Empowering great component manufacturers.

The Logo

The original branding focused only on the manufacturing and construction side of the business. During an early brand workshop, it became clear that positioning Eagle Metal as a software company first would be a huge differentiator.



Positioning Language

A Genuine Partnership

Over 30 years in the industry means we understand. We adapt to the needs of every component manufacturer we work with, customizing and simplifying.

Bold Craftsmanship

Our connector products are engineered, tested, and proven right here in the USA. For over 30 years, Eagle Metal has represented a commitment to strength & quality.

Innovation that Empowers

We believe in working smarter, not harder. Engineer solutions so our partners build more efficiently and reduce bottom lines.

Time to Build

This tagline focuses on a call to get to work as well as a nod to the time saved by working with Eagle Metal. We use #TimeToBuild in much of our social media marketing.

It’s Time for an Upgrade

This campaign CTA relies on a fear of missing out. Eagle’s software is more modern and packed with features, but change is hard for many. Out with the old, in with the new.

Empowering Great Component Manufacturers

This is our primary tagline. The customer is always the hero.

It’s Time for an Upgrade.

We designed a set of icons for each of the products in the TrueBuild software suite, as well as custom loading screens, and various graphics to support the software.

The Truebuild brand has its own color palette to create a distinction while still work together under the Eagle Metal brand umbrella.

dotted background Small micro-animation of a spinning plus sign

The website celebrates the customer, addresses their challenges and showcases the way Eagle can guide them to success.

dotted background Small micro-animation of a spinning plus sign

Most B2B companies rely on leads from trade shows. Our booth designs help start conversations that lead to customers.

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