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the beginning 0.5

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We just want to thank everyone for all the feedback, things are about to get very real. We leave tomorrow and we still have a ton of things to take care of before we go, but the way everything is coming together is too exciting. We just finished up our business cards and we are in the process of creating a rough-route.

This experiment is very open-ended, there really are many different ways to go about this. We are all about collaboration and that is why all the feed back has just been incredible. One thing we do want to clarify is our purpose. What this experiment is not: This is not a post-graduate road trip just because we couldn’t find jobs. Well what is this then? We couldn’t find jobs and that inspired us. It made us realize we are in a very unique position with little holding us back (ie. no real responsibilities). This allows us to have a dynamic location, one that can change immediately. This freedom means we can design for people who may not have access to designers because of their location. There are tons of smaller towns all across America that may not even realize how much a little touch of smart design can help their businesses. A face-to-face relationship will always be greater than any encounter one could find online. This is what is so cool, we are going to meet so many awesome people. These people are the ones that are going to make this experiment amazing.

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