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Truss connector plates of America

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Last month we helped develop some interior spaces and wall installations for the Eagle Metal office in Dallas. Eagle Metal manufactures truss connector plates and has an engineering design software suite that helps truss fabricators run their businesses more efficiently. The connector plates are used to connect wood trusses – or really any wood that needs to be connected to more wood. So it only made sense that we made a giant America connected by a ton of connector plates. Check it out.

Behind the scenes truss connector plates of america

Connector Plate America Art Installation

The Connector Plates of America measures about 4.5ft wide, it’s built on a wood base, and is covered with three varying layers of floating connector plates.

We also took some language from a quote by the founder and created a typographic wall hanging. This will live in the break room. Confidently reminding everyone eating lunch to be a warrior. A reminder we all need, especially during lunch.


Roughly 4ft wide stained wood and latex painted, laser cut wood lettering.

Laser Cut Typography

Crafting better brandmanship is core to all of the services at Drift. Whether we’re helping streamline a website marketing funnel, or identifying weaknesses in competitors, or making sweet, sweet logos, or videos, or brochures – at the end of the day – we’re helping align a brand-vision. And sometimes that means creating awesome office installations. Hope you enjoyed!


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