Chris Field

College Station, Texas

If disruption was a stick of dynamite, Chris is the spark that lights the fuse. 

Chris Field has been challenging complacency and disrupting the status quo most of his life. His most important disruption is Mercy Project, the non-profit he started to rescue children from human trafficking in Ghana, Africa. Its innovative approach has drawn international attention and earned the prestigious Norman Borlaug Humanitarian Award.


We were proud to build a custom website for author, Chris Field that showed not only his talents as a speaker, writer, and activist, but also inspires others to live fulfilled lives and change the world for the better.

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What we did

Website Design


Personality & Perception

Chris has a big personality – one that’s tough to understand through a website. That was our challenge. Communicate the value Chris can provide, while helping potential clients get a feel for his personality and brand. And ultimately hire him to speak. Chris is also very accomplished and it was important that users immediately knew about his achievements without some lengthy text-only resume. Chris would agree that we were successful in these endeavors as he continues to book more and more speaking engagements.